Community Education

We play an active role educating the community.

Learning about Zamia wool with Neville Collard


Sharing knowledge of our bushland

In addition to delivering at least two public events each year, we accept invitations to speak to local community groups about the bushland and are focusing on increasing readily accessible public information such as our newsletter and our book Jirdarup Bushland and the Friends who care for it.

We also share information about current and past research in the Precinct and provide access to resources to inspire children.

Follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on our website to find out about upcoming events and what’s happening.

See below for our past popular Walk & Talk events as well as others. Several  contain links to presentations at those events.


International Day of People with Disability 8 Dec 2023


Book Launched! 16 Sept 2023


Slime Mould & Fungi Frolics 29 July 2023


How good are banksia woodlands? 20 may 2023


Planting is always popular


International Day of People with Disability 3 Dec 2022


Mental Health Week 16 Oct 2022


Biodiversity and Research 28 May 2022