Kent Street Sandpit

Formerly a landfill site, the Kent St Sandpit site is scheduled for restoration.

Kent Street Sandpit November 2022


Kent Street Sandpit

Restoration of the sandpit was a priority for the Friends from the Group’s inception in 1999.

A Site Management Plan prepared for the ToVP in 2017 outlined the state of the sandpit at that time including:

  • building rubble fill to a depth of 6.5m, including asbestos
  • no putrescible waste
  • groundwater expected to be approximately 7.5m below ground level

Notification was received in July 2017 that an earlier classification of the sandpit as “Possibly contaminated – investigation required” had been amended to “Remediated for restricted use” under the Contaminated Site Act 2003 clearing the path for restoration.


Revegetating the Sandpit

It is a desolate area used as a sandpit and landfill from the early 1940s until 1992, used by the WA Small-bore Rifle Association around 1960 and for the storage of construction materials, street sweepings and vehicle washing by the Town of Victoria Park from 1992 to 2006. 

During the 1960s and 1970s, it was part of the cross-country track for students from Kent St Senior High School.

Restoration is a challenge ahead.

Sandpit 2004
Tawny Frogmouth by Karl Dewar


A Future Haven for Wildlife

In 2021, the Town of Victoria Park agreed to the full restoration of the Sandpit site ensuring 17.9 hectares of natural bushland in Jirdarup for coming generations.  In time, this area too will be a haven for wildlife.

Working with the Town of Victoria Park on the restoration of this site is now a major project for the Friends in the coming years.

This 10-year project will be led by Distinguished Professor Kingsley Dixon from Curtin University.