The Precinct is home to an amazing array of native plants.

Donkey orchid by Wendy Peace


Flora of Jirdarup Bushland Precinct

At least 200 native plant species have been recorded in Jirdarup from the majestic Jarrah to the tiniest orchids.

Three species of banksia, B menziesii, B attenuata and B ilicifolia dominate with Nuytsia floribunda (WA Christmas Tree) making a show in Birak/summer. 

There are eight tree species endemic to Jirdarup. 

In Djilba and Kambarang (around spring), the bushland bursts into flower and visitors can enjoy donkey and sun orchids, Swan River Myrtle, the Star of Bethlehem and many more.

While there is no single comprehensive list of the flora of Jirdarup, several subsets exist and are continually being refined:

Some are also listed in our featured bushland life and images of the flora feature regularly in our Facebook posts.