Restoration of the Kent St Sandpit

Restoration of the Kent St Sandpit represents a rare opportunity to increase Banksia woodlands in inner-city Perth. In 2043 we expect to see a thriving natural habitat. Photo: Sandpit 2023 by Derrin Kee for the Town of Victoria Park.

Restoration of this sandpit to Banksia woodlands will be a world first. It is part of the overall Urban Forest Strategy was an important factor in Victoria Park’s success in receiving a Highly Commended Award the 2022 World Green Cities competition.

The Kent Street Sandpit presents a rare opportunity to restore a contaminated landfill site and expand the natural habitat of endangered and rare species of flora and fauna, including our very popular black cockatoos.

In May 2022, the Town of Victoria Park agreed to aim for a best practice restoration of the Kent Street Sandpit.  The project will

  • create a best practice restoration effort with a focus on: (a) ecological restoration of the banksia woodland and development of the understorey; (b) Noongar cultural restoration and considerations
  • seek further input from Professor Kingsley Dixon and/or Curtin University, the Mindeera Aboriginal Advisory Group and the Friends of Jirdarup Bushland into the draft design ….

Read more about the research being undertaken at Curtin.

The Detailed Concept Design of the pathways and other structural features was approved by the Council in May 2023, together with funding for this project in the 2023/2024 budget.

Planning for the restoration itself has continued this year, assisted by Professor Dixon and his team and Tranen Revegetation Systems. In addition, the City of South Perth Native Plant Nursery and “Nuts about Natives” are involved in this project, collecting and propagating seeds, tissue cultures and cutting from Kensington Bushland to ensure correct local provenance.

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