We deliver on our purpose by assisting with a number of critical functions.

Sandpit January 2023 by Derrin Kee for Town of Victoria Park


Advocating for the bushland

Advocate for the preservation and protection of Jirdarup Bushland Precinct and other Banksia woodland areas in the Town of Victoria Park (ToVP).


Preserving biodiversity

Ensure the ‘Bush Forever’ site of the Precinct is maintained and preserved and work towards ecological restoration and protection of flora and fauna in adjacent areas. Our hand-weeding project is our major activity.

Finishing a day of weeding

Walk & Talk crowd with Greg Keighery 20 May 2023

Community Education

Sharing the bushland with the community

Increase community awareness of the value of Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, including its Indigenous heritage. We do this through providing resources of families and children, encouraging research and citizen science and a range of other community education initiatives.