Friends have advocated for the environment in and around Jirdarup on many issues.

Engaging with Council, 2002.
Meeting MPs Tanya Plibersek and Zaneta Mascarenhas May 2023


Advocating for our bushland

The Friends have advocated for the environment in and around Jirdarup since their inception. In recent years this has included issues such as the introduction of lighting to the nearby Harold Rossiter Park where birds roost at night and the impact of development adjacent to the Hill View Terrace bushland.

Major campaigns have resulted in the inclusion of the Jirdarup Bushland Precinct in the Town’s Public Open Space Strategy (December 2019) and a commitment by the Town for the restoration of the Kent Street Sandpit.  This has been a priority for the Friends since their formation over 20 years ago.

With the recent commencement of consultation on the Kensington Precinct, we will be advocating strongly for a development that complements the natural bushland environment in Jirdarup.

Other current advocacy issues include:

  • In 2021 we prepared a report for the Town showing that 15 mature jarrah trees had died in the previous 18 months. Another 19 trees were classified as dying or unhealthy. We continue to advocate for the implementation of the recommendations of the investigation commissioned by the Town. Read more about it.
  • Action to address the incidence of dogs off lead in the bushland and owners failing to clean up after their dogs. In August 2023 the Town committed to improved signage and a more active presence of the Town Ranger to issue warnings and fines to irresponsible dog owners.
  • Strengthening strategies for the conservation and restoration of Jirdarup in the Town’s 2023-2028 Environmental Plan.


The latest on the Sandpit Restoration


Kensington Precinct development update