Jirdarup Bushland Precinct is a reserve comprising three distinct areas.

Flora in Kensington Bushland

Kensington Bushland

Kensington Bushland Reserve

Kensington Bushland is typical jarrah-banksia woodland on Bassendean sand with the canopy dominated by just a few species, particularly Eucalyptus marginata, E. todtiana, Banksia attenuata, B. ilicifolia, B. menziesii, Nuytsia floribunda and Allocasuarina fraseriana.

It was identified as a Bush Forever site (48) in 2000 retaining bushland that has never been cleared. See further details of the listing in Vol 2 of the 2000 WA Government Bush Forever report P240.

George Street Reserve

George Street Reserve

It was 110 years after this area was first designated as a sanitary depot that steps were taken to revegetate it. Trees and birds now thrive on this once barren patch.

George St Reserve (2020) 10 years after revegetation

Kent St Sandpit 2022 by Darrin Kee for the Town of Victoria Park

Kent Street Sandpit

Kent Street Sandpit

More than 80 years after the bushland here was first cleared for a sandpit, plans are underway to restore this area to its former glory. This will make Victoria Park one of the few, if not the only, council that is actually increasing the area of natural vegetation.