Birds of Jirdarup

We have an exciting project underway. It will help amateur watchers identify the birds they see in Jirdarup, tell stories from Noongar Dreamtime and give hints for gardeners wanting to provide food and shelter for birds in the surrounding area. Photo by Georgina Wilson

Birds of Jirdarup

Work is underway to produce a guide to the Birds of Jirdarup. We plan to include photos and a brief description of most of the 57 birds that might be seen over the period of a year. Water birds that are only seen flying over will not be included. The list is based on the birds identified in Appendix 8 of our recent publication about Jirdarup Bushland.

In addition to information about the birds, the publication will have a strong conservation message including ideas for local gardeners to adapt their gardens to increase food and habitat for our local birds.

There is also a strong Noongar element which includes several Dreamtime stories about birds found in Jirdarup.

In putting this publication together, we have across many web-based resources to attract birds to your garden.

We plan to publish in October 2024.

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Thank you to those photographers who have provided additional shots in the last few weeks.  Naming will be based on the following references: