Vicki Caulfield

Vicki has been the go-to person for the Friends for some time, especially since she became the public face of our nature photography competitions in 2020 and 2021.

As our events coordinator Vicki has also been the mastermind behind our popular “Walk & Talk” events for almost 5 years. Besides that, she’s been a driving force in our efforts to advocate for the Kent Street Sandpit restoration. And she’s found time to author many of our Facebook posts. What a powerhouse! 

Vicki is now taking a step to one side to focus more on Landcare leaving a big gap to fill in many other places.

We asked Vicki a few questions:

What has been your involvement in the Bushland to date?

  • I got involved with the Friends as part of the Kent Street Sandpit restoration campaign (which was a success!). I took on the events role to help raise awareness of the campaign, and to build community support for the bushland in general.

What makes the Bushland special to you?

  • Despite living in Victoria Park for 30 years, I had very little awareness of Jirdarup Bushland before I joined the Friends. But once I did get to know the place I was fascinated by how nature can thrive in such a small patch surrounded by suburban development. We are very fortunate to have this natural treasure in our backyard.

What are your favourite species of flora and fauna? Why? 

  • Bobtails are pretty cute! I also love the birds, especially the colourful Rainbow Bee-Eaters that migrate to the bushland every year. The native jarrah and prickly bark trees are special too because they are disappearing so fast from our city.