Veronica McPhail

Veronica has been photographing Jirdarup since 2019.

Veronica is passionate about giving back to the natural world that gives so much to us. She has been visiting Jirdarup regularly since 2019. Her daily walks are more than routine; they’re a quest to capture and catalogue the diverse birdlife around her. Through her lens, she hopes to inspire others to see the world as she does – a place of wonder, waiting to be appreciated and protected.

Supporting wildlife conservation is a key part of her work. She is committed to helping organisations like WA Seabird Rescue, contributing to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured birds, and hopefully, seeing them soar again in their natural habitat.

She has recently switched to a mirrorless Canon 5R5 with a 100-500mm lens.

Veronica’s photography has been widely recognised:

  • 2021 Jirdarup Images competition: Black Cockatoo Award
  • 2022 Committee of Perth Competition Winner
  • 2022 Swan River Trust Annual Report (DBCA)
  • 2023 Birdlife Australia Birds in Landscape Award 
  • 2023 Leederville Cameras Wall of Fame Competition Winner
  • 2023 The Australian. Feature of myself in conjunction with Birdlife Australia

See Veronica’s Facebook and Instagram pages for lots of great images.

Veronica has nominated her 2021 Prize winner, Together is my Favourite Place, as her favourite Jirdarup photo.