Elbia Sylwestrzak

Without our wonderful volunteers the vital landcare and conservation efforts by the Friends of Jirdarup Bushland would not be possible. We express our gratitude to people like Elbia Sylwestrzak – not only does she take stunning photos of the bushland, particularly the orchids, but she has also given countless hours of her time towards its preservation since 2003. We asked Elbia a few questions:

What has been your involvement in the Bushland to date?

  • Margaret Bell and I responded to a call from Andrew Thompson seeking volunteers to pull gladioli from the Bushland. We then began this work in a patch near Baron Hay Court.

What makes the Bushland special to you?

  • It is a peaceful place of undeveloped land only a short walking distance from my home.

What are your favourite species of flora and fauna? Why? 

  • I have so many favourite wildflowers with each having its own unique appearance and colour that I am unable to choose one in particular. The red-tailed black-cockatoos, raucously wandering through the bushland and even close to home are my favourites.