Hand Weeding Project

Weeding Flag

The 2023 weeding season is up and running Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9.00am. We usually stay for 1-2 hours but you can leave whenever you need to of course.

Weeding is very satisfying and great exercise!  Please get in touch if you are keen to give it a go.  Sing out if you see us down there with our “Flag” out or contact us at admin@friendsofjirdarupbushland.org.au.

Bring a water bottle and gardening gloves and wear sensible clothing – long pants, enclosed shoes, hat, sunnies.  Training and weeding tools supplied.

Feel free to phone us if you have any queries:

  • Vicki – 0416 049 550
  • Helen – 0400 239 740
  • Dave – 0439 134 618
This is a new three-year project designed to test the efficacy of chemical-free hand weeding in a designated section of Kensington Bushland. Twice a week since early July 2022, our diligent weeding team have managed to reduce the weed load while getting close to nature. The Jirdarup biodiversity continues to amaze and inspire – from orange ‘slime mould’ to rare orchids and self-sown jarrah seedlings.

Working alongside the expert SERCUL team, the Friends’ weeding group is learning how to target the worst weeds while protecting the native species at the same time. To help develop these skills, a ‘Beating the Weeds’ Training Session was held in August 2022. The Town of Victoria Park’s Urban Ecosystems Supervisor (Stephen Szydlowski) spoke about the Council’s Integrated Weed Management program, and Jayson Sekhon from SERCUL gave a masterclass in weed identification and weeding techniques.

We did over 500 volunteer hours of weeding in 2022. It is certainly rewarding to compare a haul of pink gladioli now to the massive amounts found in a “Gladdie Grab” 20 years earlier.

Weeding 2001
Weeding Sept 2021
Jayson Sekhon with a sample of the dreaded Perennial Veldt Grass, one of the worst weeds in the Bushland.
 The three rules of weeding are:

  1. Minimise soil disturbance
  2. When in doubt, don’t pull it out!
  3. Tread carefully.

Recognising weeds is one of the first tasks for weeders.  See our guide to winter weeds.

For a comprehensive guide to weeding in bushland, see the information provided by the WA Local Government Association.

This project is sponsored by the WA government through a StateNRM grant. We also acknowledge support from SERCUL and the Town of Victoria Park.