Bushland Flora

The first major survey of the flora of the Kensington Bushland was undertaken in 1980-81 and published by the Western Australian Herbarium in 1992.  Native plants comprised 70 per cent of the listed flora which was considered high for a suburban area.

A list of the over 200 plants, including eight species of trees has now been compiled by the Town of Victoria Park.  Read about some of them in our featured flora and fauna.

Images of the plant life feature regularly in our Facebook posts and in the Photography exhibitions in 2020 and 2021.

Diaries kept by Friends of Kensington Bushland coordinator Gwynth Schlipalius and other Friends since 2000 have identified 25 different orchid species in the Kensington Bushland. Click here for a complete list. Or check out some of the different species of donkey orchids we have found or enjoy the sun orchids with us.

Pink fairy orchid, 2022
White Spider Orchid (caladenia longicauda). Photo by Helen Carter 2022
Jug Orchid (Pterostylis Recurva). Photo by Elbia Sylwestrzak 2022